Choosing the perfect spot for your Staymobile franchise.

The right location is imperative for your success, which is why Staymobile helps all of our new franchisees with site selection, lease negotiation and store construction.

Our franchisees work directly with our experienced real estate brokers to find the perfect location that meets our site requirements. Then, we help negotiate the lease. Every detail is covered prior to the grand opening.

Staymobile Site Requirements

Staymobile works directly with you to analyze the real estate market in your area.  Our experience in identifying ideal locations comes from a wealth of resources, data and networks of commercial real estate specialists throughout the country.

By design, we are very flexible and opportunistic when it comes to site selection strategy. Our space requirements vary from as little as 200 square feet for a free standing kiosk (example: an existing retail environment; store-in-a-store model) to as much as 1,000 square feet for a free-standing in-line storefront.

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