Did you know that 25% of smartphone users don’t use a case? But why are these daredevils taking on so much risk? The top reasons include: a case makes a phone to bulky, I like the design of my phone without a case, cases are too expensive, and I’m not worried about dropping my phone. While all of these reasons are valid and make sense, it also seems risky to leave the fate of your phone up to chance. While smartphones are becoming sturdier and more durable, they are also becoming more expensive. The iPhone X starts at $999 and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ starts at $839.99. That’s a lot of money. So why wouldn’t you want to protect your phone?

4 Reasons Why You Need a Phone Case

Better Drop Protection

This is probably the most obvious reason for using a phone case. Many people drop their phone on a weekly or even daily basis. Can your phone screen still crack even in a case? Of course, it can but it’s less likely. (Adding a tempered glass screen protector can reduce the potential for cracking even more!) Cases are designed to absorb the impact of dropping on the ground.

Hard shell case is the least protective, as they are more likely to break when dropped. Soft shell cases have more give, therefore they can absorb impact better. Our technicians recommend  hybrid cases (that’s a case with a hard outer shell and a soft inner skin.) They offer the most amount of protection.

Match Your Personality and Style

Many people consider their phone case as an extension of their personal style or personality. Whether you prefer a case with cute characters on it, a modern, sleek case, or a case with the logo of your favorite football team, there is virtually no limit to the options available to you. With all of these choices, you are able to protect your phone without sacrificing style.

You Didn’t Buy Insurance

If you chose not to purchase phone insurance or a protection plan, then you absolutely need a case! Even the most careful person can have a brief moment of butterfingers. The last thing you want to see is your expensive phone slip out of your hands and hit the sidewalk. (Especially if you have no backup.) We always recommend a case, tempered glass, and a protection plan to ensure your phone never meets an untimely end. (Psst….Staymobile offers a protection plan that even protects against accidental drops!)

Protect the Resale Value

Even though you may not crack the screen or dent your phone, you can get little nicks and scratches over time. If you go to re-sell your phone when it’s time to upgrade, then these little marks will count against you. A case can cut down on the amount of cosmetic damage done to your phone, which in turn will keep your resale value high!

While there are a few cons associated with phone cases, such as bulkiness and cost, the pros really make it all worth it. A cracked screen repair can cost as high as $250 on the most current models, with older models costing as high as $100. Why risk needing such an expensive repair when a phone case can cost anywhere a fraction of that? Your life is on your phone, so protect it as best as you can.


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