Last month in our Who We Are series, we introduced Erica Griffin and her amazing story on how she came to be a part of the Staymobile team. This month, we will be covering Stacey Fillmon and how we couldn’t live without her inspirational attitude. Stacey is not only the Training Operations Manager for Staymobile, she is a loving and dedicated mother of three and part-time fitness guru.


Stacey was born in Bartow, Florida, but moved to Cartersville, Georgia when she was three years old. By the time Stacey graduated from high school she was the manager at her local Chick-fil-a and eventually became a manager for Kohl’s Customer Service at Point of Sale. In 2010, ready to start a new challenge in her career, Stacey took a job at a small mom-and-pop computer store.


For seven years Stacey learned everything technical from networking to computer repair, eventually becoming the on-site technician for anything IT related. She did everything from computer diagnosis and repair to internet installations. So after joining Staymobile in July 2017, it’s no wonder that she quickly became a crucial part of our team.

Stacey’s first responsibility was establishing computer repair standards for all Staymobile locations. She determined what programs would be used to diagnose and repair devices, and hosted the online training to get every store computer repair certified. More recently, Stacey has been developing a learning management system that will provide online training to all technicians. Technicians will be able to access an interactive guide where they can learn, practice, and master repairs before even touching an actual device.


While working tirelessly to bring Staymobile into the digital age, she also is a dedicated mother and fitness instructor who strives to inspire people on a daily basis. After giving birth to her first son, Stacey became determined to adopt a healthy lifestyle for her family. She quickly became a well-known member at her gym for her hard work and dedication. When Stacey recognized that her gym needed more classes, she decided to become a certified fitness instructor. Many gym members have approached Stacey to compliment her on her dedication and tell her she is a true inspiration to them. Now teaching at least 5 classes a week, Stacey says she is moved by the motivation of others and is inspired on a daily basis.


There’s no denying that Stacey is a pillar in the Staymobile team. She brings a daily dose of a “you can do it” attitude. She works hard to support her family, friends, and co-workers and we are extremely fortunate that is a member of the Staymobile family.




The Who We Are Series will periodically feature members of our Staymobile family. We strive to highlight all of the unique talents, experiences, and interests of our team members.

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