It’s happened to all of us. You’re walking down the street and your phone slips out of your hands. Time seems to slow as you watch your expensive phone smack the ground. You hold your breath as you slowly flip over your phone, while simultaneously praying that the screen isn’t cracked. The world seems to come to a crashing halt when you realize your screen is completely shattered. Now you’re suddenly asking yourself, “Should I have gotten the smartphone insurance or protection plan?”

On average, a cracked screen repair is over $250. Not to mention any additional damage that requires a repair. Here’s why you need cell phone insurance or a protection plan.

Why Do I Need a Smartphone Protection Plan?

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider some form of smartphone insurance.

Cases and Tempered Glass Don’t Cover Everything:

It’s always advised that you use a phone case and tempered glass, but these still won’t prevent all damage. Using a phone case, tempered glass, and cell phone protection plan will give you complete coverage against accidental damage.

Replacement Phones are Expensive:

The average cost of smartphones is rising every year. The latest models from Samsung and Apple have retail prices of nearly $1000. How frustrating would it be to turn around and spend that much money again? Insurance plans can repair your device for a low deductible (and some plans don’t have a deductible at all).

Peace of Mind:

There’s nothing better than knowing that your device is protected against water damage, cracked screens, poorly performing batteries, and other kinds of damage. The peace of mind that you’re always protected is worth every penny.

I’m Convinced, But There Are So Many Plans to Choose From.

It can be difficult selecting the best cell phone protection plan. You have to consider the price, the deductibles, the number of allowable claims, and so much more. Not to mention, there are so many providers to choose from.

At the time of purchase, wireless carriers often turn on the heat by giving you an ultimatum – buy the protection plan now or never at all. Luckily, today there are several options to consider for both new and old phones. You have the option to purchase a manufacture insurance plan, a cell-phone carrier plan, or a third-party protection plan.

With most third-party providers and carriers, the cost of the deductible can come as a nasty shock. Most people only assume the monthly payment as the expense associated with their plan. The deductible on most wireless carrier plans typically ranges from $50 to $200. Third-party insurance providers offer a lower deductible — $99 for SquareTrade, for instance. But, keep in mind, these plans typically cover fewer types of incidents.

We’ve developed a chart of the most popular plans on the market (plus few you might have missed) to help you find the best cell phone protection plan.



So, What’s the Best Cell Phone Protection Plan?

The Staymobile Protect Plan provides our customers with coverage on eligible mobile devices when mechanical breakdowns or unexpected accidental damage occurs. We will repair everything from a faulty home button screen to defective pixels to overheating. It’s the best way to get coverage after the manufacturer’s limited warranty expires or immediately following your device purchase. Let’s face it, a manufacturer’s warranty plan simply does not offer customers the protection they deserve. The best part is, this plan requires zero deductibles and comes with local tech support.

We’ve heard every story in the book. Whether it is a fumble in the bathroom that led to a submerged iPhone or a game day in a college town that led to a shattered Samsung Galaxy screen, device damage does not discriminate. You will always have peace of mind knowing that your covered devices are protected from unexpected bills for repairs.

Following the purchase of a new device, it’s important to remember that you have options. Don’t be pressured by your carrier or friends. Everyone deserves affordable and reliable protection against life’s clumsy or unexpected moments. Visit your local Staymobile to purchase a plan today.


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