Staymobile's CEO, Brian Hutto, was recently featured on Big Pitch Radio. Among other things, he spoke about his path to becoming the CEO of Staymobile and the rapidly expanding cell phone repair industry.

After working for GE, Gateway and many others in the corporate world, Hutto built fundamental experiences that would stay with him forever. The entrepreneur within, he desired to go beyond the corporate world and use the culmination of these previous experiences to leave his mark.

Staymobile is currently on track to triple-expansion in 2016 and has grown from a hub of stores in the Southeast to a national brand. Starting in 2014 and built as a franchise business out of South Carolina, Staymobile has successfully made a national name for themselves in the tech-repair industry and continues to push the boundaries as they grow.

Staymobile provides electronic repair, accessories and protection for businesses and consumers with the goal of ensuring its customers' personal and corporate mobility. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company currently operates more than 43 locations, both corporate and franchise, across the nation, with plans to expand nationally to as many as 300 stores over the next three years.

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