The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and there is no denying the spring is in the air. For most of us, spring goes hand in hand with cleaning. Decluttering and re-organizing leaves us feeling clean and refreshed. So, why should your phone be any different? Let’s kick off April by spring cleaning your smartphone. Follow these 6 spring cleaning tips for a cleaner and happier smartphone experience.

How to Clean Your Smartphone

Delete Useless Apps on Your Phone

Take a look at all the apps on your phone. How many apps have you not used in the last three months? If you haven’t used them recently, then the chances are that you won’t use them at all. Delete any apps you don’t regularly use. This will also increase the storage on your phone.

Pro Tip: We recommended placing the most commonly used apps on the home screen.

Remove Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are usually the culprits when it comes to full storage notifications. Even though you may be storing the images on iCloud, Dropbox, or GooglePhotos, you may still have the originals saved on your device and camera roll. Take a few minutes to go through all the images on your phone, and you may be surprised at how many unwanted images are using up your precious phone storage space.

Clean Up Your Contacts

Thanks to the cloud, it’s never been easier to transfer data from phone to phone. But that also means you might still have the contact information of your chemistry lab partner that you haven’t talked to in 10 years. Scroll through your contacts and delete anyone that you don’t remember or you’re certain you won’t need to ever contact.

Group Your Apps Together

Pages and pages of apps can be overwhelming. Grouping together apps makes it easy to find a specific app within seconds. A popular method of organizing apps is to group them by theme, such as:

  • Health/Fitness
  • Finance
  • Games
  • Work
  • Productivity

To group apps together, hold down an app icon and drag it atop another app icon you want to group together. This will create a folder. Continue to drag similar app icons to that folder, then label that folder appropriately. Continue to do this for all of your categories.

Install a Cleaning App

Your phone is likely holding onto cached, temporary, and junk data and files. PhoneClean on iOS and Clean Master on Android will remove cached data and provides a list of suggested files to delete. Some apps claim a longer battery life or a boost in phone speed. With regular use of these apps, you can prevent the build-up of unwanted and forgotten data on your phone.

Clear Your Cache

Cached data isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but over time it can build up to the point where it will slow down your phone.

  • For iOS, open the go to the Settings app > Safari and tap Clear History and Data.
  • For Android phones, go to Settings > Storage and tap on Cached Data.


Regularly cleaning your phone will help create a level of organization, while removing unwanted and unused data that could be slowing down your phone and draining your battery. Take some time this spring to sit down and clean up your phone. You should also read Why You Need to Clean Your Earbuds ASAP.  For additional help, drop by a Staymobile location for a free diagnostic service. Our technicians will assess the health of your device to be sure that it is running optimally.

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