Worried about keeping your children safe in the digital world this summer? As children spend more time with technology over the summer, parents can take steps to protect them online.

Staymobile's President and CMO, Chuck Morrison, said parental controls are the first step.

“Content filters, keyloggers and monitoring tools can make parents’ jobs much easier when it comes to monitoring what content their children are viewing on the internet,” Morrison said. “Access scheduling is a useful tool available on most parental control apps and software.”

Here are more online safety tips for parents form Morrison and Staymobile:

    • Check disable location services - Most mobile apps that track location are required to ask permission. In some cases this is on installation and in others the first time you use the app. Think about whether location is essential to what the app does for your child. Be aware that some apps will run in the background and can track your location even if you don’t have them open. In some cases, the only way to stop them from running is to remove them from your child's device entirely.
    • Tell kids they should never fill out out their full name, phone number or address on any mobile app.
  • If they have e-mail, encourage kids to stick to their friends. They shouldn't open messages from anyone they do not know.
  • Kids shouldn't respond to hurtful or disturbing messages.
  • They should never get together with anyone they “meet” online.
  • Consider using child-safe browsers, such as Peanut Butter PC and Kidzui, which eliminate a lot of the complexity of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. They generally block pop-ups, allow only one page to be open at a time, hide confusing right-click menus and limit the sites kids can visit.
  • Talk about social media before you let kids create accounts. Have a conversation with them about the dangers and consequences that go along with it. Most major social networking sites have controls centers where you can set just how social you want your child to be. A quick look at privacy settings will allow you to see who else can see your child’s posts and whose post your child can see.

We are proud to have partnered with schools in Tucker, Roswell, Woodstock and Acworth to offer a range of services from comprehensive protection plans to per-repair service contracts.


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