Did you know that your phone can have 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? That’s pretty gross, but it makes sense if you think about it. Most toilets are regularly cleaned, but most cell phones aren’t.  Yet cell phones are taken everywhere, from the morning commute to the dinner table, even to the bathroom. Your phone is constantly being exposed to dirt, bacteria, oils, and even pathogens on a daily basis. Say goodbye to germs by getting into the habit of regularly cleaning your device. Follow the 5 simple steps in this guide to keep your phone clean all year long. 

How to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

Regularly Wipe Your Phone Down

Just as you wash your hands, get a shower, and brush your teeth daily, you should also get into the habit of cleaning your phone. You can spring for some screen cleaning towelettes or you can make your own cleaning solution. Fill a small spray bottle with a 50-50 mixture of rubbing alcohol (or white vinegar) and distilled water. Lightly spray this solution on your screen to remove any oils, dirt, and bacteria, then wipe it away gently with a microfiber cloth.


Clean Small Crevices with Cotton Swabs and Toothpicks

All of those little holes and ridges on your phone can hold a lot of gunk. Gently use a toothpick to remove the buildup of gunk and dirt. Don’t show the toothpick in too far or hard or you could damage your device. When you’ve finished, run over those areas with a cotton swab to remove any lingering dust.


Clean the Battery Area

For Android phone users, be sure to clean the back of your phone. Turn off your device, then remove your battery. Using a lint-free cloth, clean the interior of the phone by removing dust, lint, and dirt. Avoid using any liquids to clean this area as it can damage the hardware. If you must use a cleaning solution, allow your device to completely air dry before re-inserting the battery.


Don’t Take Your Phone to the Bathroom

Even though up to 75% of Americans use their phone in the bathroom, consider keeping your phone out of the bathroom altogether. Despite good hygiene practices, your phone is still exposed to bacteria that are likely to latch onto your phone. If you insist on taking your phone into the bathroom, you may want to consider purchasing a UV light to kill bacteria.


Clean Your Earbuds and Phone Case

Your case could be holding just as many germs as your phone. Make sure you also clean your case whenever you clean your phone. You can use the cleaning solution mentioned above to ensure you properly clean and remove all dirt and germs.

You should also consider cleaning your earbuds. As we covered in our post, Why You Need to Clean Your Earbuds ASAP, your earbuds can be filled with wax, bacteria, and germs that can cause ear infections.

Pro Tip: You can purchase an antimicrobial phone case. Most antimicrobial phone cases are made from ionized silver which is used to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Your phone goes everywhere with you, so it’s only natural that your phone can be incredibly dirty. By regularly cleaning your phone, you remove bacteria, oils, and dust that could be bad for your health. You should also consider leaving your phone outside the bathroom to prevent additional exposure to germs. While you're cleaning your device, you should also check out our blog post How to Spring Clean Your Phone. This post explains how to make the most out of your phone by organizing folders, utilizing cloud storage, and remove old data. 

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