It’s estimated that at least one-third of all K-12 students use school-issued devices (and that number is rapidly growing). Millions of teachers and students have access to interactive learning in the classroom and supplemental learning at home. There’s no shortage of tools that can transform and enhance the educational experience.

But for administrators, these school-issue devices can be a large purchasing decision that requires a lot of management and training. Not to mention the constant hassle of maintaining and repairing devices. Fortunately, there are a few things administrators can do to manage their mobile device programs.

Protect Against Physical Damage

Whether your school offers tablets, Chromebooks, or laptops, none of these devices are indestructible. Cases protect against inevitables drops, spills, and any student mishaps. Many schools and districts opt to not choose cases as it has a higher up-front cost, but you should consider cases as an investment. Damaged devices can cause a lot of headaches for administrators, parents, and students. With a case, you can rest easy knowing that the risk of accidental damage has been reduced.

Your school or district should also consider a protection plan that covers physical damage. Depending on the warranty, protection, or insurance plan that your school chooses, repairs can cover anything from physical damage and hardware damage to software issues. Staymobile offers a white glove delivery service where you can send away the damaged device and it will be quickly returned to you completely repaired. This allows your administrators to focus more on education and less on device management.

Protect Against Theft or Loss

Whether your students take their devices home or if the devices are stored in the classroom every night, there is a risk of theft or loss. Forgetful students can leave their backpacks lying around and classrooms filled with computers are a prime target for thieves. Make sure devices left in schools are securely locked up, not just left in the classroom. For Apple products, make sure “Find My iPad” is enabled. Any Android device with an added Google account devices can also be found, locked, or erased through “Find My Device”.

The best thing your school can do it find a device protection plan that offers loss and theft coverage, in addition to physical damage coverage. This ensures that no matter what your devices will be protected.

Find the Right Partner to Help Manage Your Program

Managing hundreds or thousands of student devices can be daunting. You need to have a partner that simplifies the process. Some operations, such as asset tagging and OS configuration, are crucial to the success of school-issued device management. But they can be time-consuming and expensive to manage. Find a partner, like Staymobile, that handle these processes for you.

Do you need help with your school device management program? Let the experts at Staymobile help. Join millions of devices already protected, managed, and repaired through our education programs. We offer a range of plans based on your needs, budget, and devices. We make the process simple and easy, so you can focus on student success all while saving money! 

How Administrators Can Protect and Manage School-Issued Devices


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