In a recent interview with the AJC's Marlon Walker, Staymobile's CMO Chuck Morrison spoke about the changes he's seen over the past 4 years servicing different technologies around the Atlanta school system.

“Four years ago, (teachers) were using text books,” he said. “They’ve adapted really fast and I think they all really enjoy it.”

More and more students are beginning to use smartphones and tablets to study as noted in a recent research by McGraw Hill Education that showed 81% of students are using these mobile devices for their schoolwork. But with this shift, are the schools doing a good enough job maintaining these devices to keep up with student demand?

Morrison recalls walking into a school during the summer and finding they stored iPads without cleaning and running diagnostics checks so they would be ready for students when the new year began.

So what are some of the basic things educators can do to ensure their students can utilize these devices without downtime? Morrison recommends updating both operating systems and apps on a consistent basis while also offering protective covering or protection plans to keep products usable.

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