Cyber Security Awareness Month is just beginning, and protecting your personal information is a top priority in this ever-evolving internet landscape. But what about your children’s online safety?

The digital world has tons of resources when it comes to our professional and personal lives, and not all are positive. These days, kids and teens are spending tons of time online and on devices. Your children may have a billion different uses for the internet - who they should chat with, which apps they should download when they should be logged on. With these 3 tips, you can help your children stay careful and comfortable with their online usage.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Keep the conversation open

Make it clear to your kids that they are entirely free to come to you with any questions or concerns. They won’t always know the answer when someone unfamiliar sends them a friend request or they have the choice of entering their personal information, such as a phone number. As a parent, authority is essential, but communication with your family is equally important. Talk to them about how to protect their privacy online. Then let them know if they can’t figure out something, you will always be a reliable resource.

Set limits - and examples

Rules that appear out of nowhere are confusing and ignored by children, especially if you sit back and wait for them to be followed. The best way to set the rule is to follow it yourself. Setting habits that you personally understand and benefit from will get you great results with your child.

As an example, if you don’t want your kids using technology after a certain hour of the day, share the responsibility. A straightforward way to enforce this is to keep devices out of bedrooms as much as possible. Less screen time means fewer chances of your children encountering inappropriate content online.  As an added benefit, they’ll fall asleep faster without the added distractions.

Let parental controls and software do the work for you

Need an extra layer of internet safety? You can easily monitor your child’s internet usage through various device settings and software.

For your home devices, set up separate accounts for yourself and your kids as the first boundary lesson in adult vs. kid content. Password protect your page in your privacy settings after deciding on your Internet browsing settings. Keep the kids’ page open and set their browsing settings accordingly. You can always check their browsing history to be aware of what they are viewing online.

On their devices, check out this article on to for a Guide to Parental Controls by Device. This article has step-by-step advice on how to protect your kids from harmful content. There are dozens of apps and settings that make it easy for you to monitor your child’s Internet usage.

Do you need additional help setting up parental control features on your child’s device? Visit your local Staymobile and our professionals will be more than happy to help.

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