Mobile Franchisee FAQ

How long has Staymobile been in business?

The founder of Staymobile first opened in Columbia, SC in 2009 using the brand SmartPhone Medic. That location is still in operation. Initially operating as Smartphone MD, Staymobile (the new brand launched in October 2013) has been franchising the mobile lifestyle service concept since late 2012.

What about training?

You will receive a total of four weeks of training either at the Staymobile training center and/or at your location–two weeks of sales and operational training and two weeks of technical training. You will receive additional launch support at your store with an onsite Staymobile trainer. The franchisee is responsible for their personal expenses when traveling to the Staymobile training center.


Marketing, how do I get customers?

Through the use of local advertising, PR and social media (all of which we will assist in creating and maintaining). We also recommend an ongoing awareness-building campaign aimed at the wireless retail community in your area (wireless carrier stores and big box retailers) due to the fact that customers with broken devices typically seek repair services from these outlets. Since they do not have repair capabilities, they willingly refer these customers to Staymobile for repair services.


How do you keep me current in this ever-evolving market?

In addition to dedicated field support staff, Staymobile provides ongoing technical updates, repair webinars, private forum access, video libraries and many additional forms of support as new devices come to market.


Where do I buy parts?

Leveraging the economies of scale for the entire franchise system, Staymobile will provide direct access to a list of vetted and approved vendors for all repair parts and merchandise for all franchisees.


Can I speak with some of your franchisees?

Upon the completion of a Staymobile Franchise Application and NDA, you will be provided the current Staymobile Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which contains the names and contact information for every franchisee that was in the system when the FDD was published. We encourage you to speak with as many as feasible as part of your due diligence.


Does Staymobile participate in any buy/sell/trade activites?

Yes. The buy/sell/trade aspect of this business is very vibrant and offers consumers an alternative to purchasing a new phone. Rather than repair a phone, some consumers will offer a damaged device for trade on a refurbished phone from the store’s inventory. That gives the franchisee the opportunity to either repair and resell the device or harvest the device for parts.


Are there commercial (B2B) opportunities with this business concept?

Yes, franchisees can develop maintenance contracts with all types of commercial entities (i.e., academic institutions (K-12), municipalities, law firms, building contractors, hospitals, etc.) offering a less expensive service alternative to purchasing insurance to cover the handsets issued to their respective workforces and/or students and faculties.


What's the best location for this business?

Ideally the best location is in or adjacent to a busy plaza/strip center anchored by a big box retailer (i.e., Best Buy, Walmart, Target) that has other wireless tenants (i.e., AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) so that it’s convenient for these organizations to refer their customers with damaged devices to Staymobile.


What's the process for moving forward with Staymobile?

The process is straightforward and paced by you: Complete the franchise application, receive the Staymobile Franchise Disclosure Document, conduct your due diligence to gain knowledge and comfort with the Staymobile concept, attend a Staymobile Discovery Day (typically held in Atlanta, GA), sign a Franchise Agreement and finally find a suitable lease space and execute a lease.


Is financing available?

Staymobile does not currently offer financing but can refer qualified candidates to third parties that specialize in financing strategies.


Typical staff of the store?

We recommend 3.5 full-time equivalents as you open your store.


Protected Area for my franchise?

Each franchised area is exclusive and, depending on the population density of the area, protected either by a zip code listing, city boundaries or by establishing a radius – typically at least three miles – around an individual store. Each location normally encompasses an area with a population of 150,000 to 200,000.


Staymobile’s comprehensive “mobile device solutions” business model is unique in this category. You will find numerous “cell phone repair” businesses in most market areas focused singularly on the “break/fix” opportunities of the consumer market. Staymobile, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive suite of services for consumers, educators, municipalities, healthcare practitioners and business owners alike that is focused on enhancing and sustaining the mobile lifestyle and operating environments of all users of mobile devices.

Do I need technical skills?

You personally don’t need the technical skills to succeed in this business. Individuals with the technical background needed for success are easily sourced in most markets (i.e., Tech school graduates, computer repair specialists, telephone and TV repair technicians). The Staymobile training program is designed to impart all of the necessary skills and repair protocols for all major manufacturers of handsets and other forms of electronic devices.

Does Staymobile repair anything other than cell phones?

Yes. Staymobile currently offers repair services on all makes and models of smartphones, game systems (Play Station, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo), digital cameras, laptops, GPS units, iPods, tablets and laptops.

Does Staymobile offer merchandise and accessories?

Yes. Staymobile provides accessories for all devices as well as power accessories, sound equipment and refurbished devices for resale.

Does Staymobile sell new phone or activate wireless contracts?

No. Staymobile has intentionally established a neutral position in the wireless marketplace. We neither sell new phones nor activate wireless contracts. Because of this nonaffiliated positioning, most wireless carriers feel confident referring their respective customers to Staymobile for repair services.

What if I'm interested in opening more than one store?

Staymobile is very interested in forming relationships with qualified franchisees interested in multiple locations and will work with each franchise candidate to develop the territory that works best.

What is the size of the typical storefront?

From 200 Sq ft kiosk to 1,000 sq feet in-line storefront.

Do you offer real estate support?

Yes. At no additional cost to you, Staymobile provides site selection and lease negotiation support.

Ideal profile for a Staymobile franchisee?

Staymobile is seeking well-capitalized individuals who understand the dynamics of bringing a business to market and are able use their customer service, team building, sales and marketing skills to establish and grow their business. Wireless experience is helpful, but not necessary. Technical expertise is not required.

Store hours?

System standard calls for 52 hours per week. Typically: M-F 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Saturday 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM; closed on Sundays.

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