Keeping your classroom devices working and in the hands of your students is critical to avoiding interruptions to educating. With Staymobile, you get optimal protection on new, used, or refurbished devices for up to 4 years.

Your budget is limited.

Your job is to get the most out of every dollar you spend. Since Staymobile can deploy and repair your devices far cheaper than you can in-house, we can help you craft the right program based on your specific needs – and without service limits, fees, or deductibles.

Your resources are limited.

Your team is already fully tasked with other important initiatives. That’s why a partnership with Staymobile effectively extends your tech team. Whether it’s unpacking hundreds or thousands of devices, preparing and deploying them, repairing them when they break, or recycling them when they become obsolete, we can help you get everything right the first time.

Your Time is Limited.

You and your team are already stretched thin, and the management of your hundreds or thousands of devices – including deployment, upkeep, and repairs – will take far more time than you have available. Staymobile can tackle those issues for you and free you up for your other important tasks and goals.

We’re Experts.

We’ve been in business more than a decade. With over 300 districts and more than 2 million devices under agreement, Staymobile’s certified technicians are fully committed to supporting schools’ device management needs with top quality service.

A Success Story.

A major Southeast K-12 district needed to deploy and manage a 12,000 unit 1:1 technology initiative. They had a modest budget and a limited IT support team with no feasible means of delivering this many units to their 27 locations.

Enter Staymobile.

We provided a 4-year service extension, which will protect the devices throughout their usable life span. We then received the physical devices at one of our technology centers, unpacked them, processed the first boot, installed the operating system, applied asset tags and protective cases, and delivered them to the district. We provide ongoing repairs services with pickup/drop-off service. And we did all of this on time and within the client’s budget.

Speak with an Education Specialist.

Please note: Staymobile provides services and solutions for businesses and educational institutions. For consumers in need of protection and repair services for their personal devices, we recommend that you explore one of the many local or national providers of consumer-oriented services.

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