Laptops have less protection than your smartphone, and thus are more vulnerable to the accidental damage. Staymobile often repairs damage from coffee spills, broken frame or hinges from accidental drops and cracked screen from excessive pressure on the laptop.

Many of our technicians are Lenovo, Asus, and Dell certified, in addition to being A+ certified, so you know you are working with the most knowledgeable technicians. Our Staymobile technicians are skilled at providing a wide range of repairs and services to all brands, makes and models of laptops. Staymobile runs diagnostics on your laptop to best understand what will need to be repaired. We can even troubleshoot the operating system and software for you.

Common Laptop Repair Issues

We know you work and play hard on your laptop. And with less protection on a laptop, we know you will be faced with accidental damage. Staymobile can fix nearly anything on your laptop including frames and hinges, power buttons, and fans. We can trouble shoot issues from a virus or other spyware and remove those. And or other software related issues such as upgrades. Any laptop. Any brand. Any make. Any model.

Image of Common Laptop Repair Issues
  • Diagnostics Service

    Every good repair starts here. Our technicians will assess the health of your laptop, to be sure that your operating system is running optimally.

  • Screen Replacement

    Depending on how the damaged to the screen occurred, damage may be deeper than the screen. Our trusted technicians determine if unseen damages occurred.

  • Keyboard Repair

    And one bad key on your keyboard can make typing a challenge. We disassemble the keyboard, cleaning any present residue, and also trace problems.

  • Track Pad or Mouse Repair

    Built-in track pads or mouse can stop ‘clicking’ overtime. Batteries located below the track pad tend to swell, putting pressure on the track pad.

  • Battery Repair

    Because laptops are plugged and unplugged over and over, wear on the battery and cords can occur. We determine the underlying cause of the problems.

  • Hard Drive Repair

    The trickiest of the repairs. And the most crucial. Our technicians start by broadly understanding if a component has blown and can be replaced.

Education Solutions

We understand your investment in giving students the freedom to learn inside and outside of the classroom with their mobile devices. We also understand that supporting this mobile learning may be uncharted waters for most. With thousands tablets supported today across K-12, Staymobile provides repair solutions, warranty solutions, diagnostic solutions and more to schools and universities. You have put learning into your students’ hands. Let Staymobile help you keep that cost-effective.
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Enterprise Solutions

You don't hit the pause button on your business when employee smartphones, tablets and laptops are damaged or stop working. Staymobile is the only industry provider that has a full-service device program that focuses on maintenance, repair, protection and warranty assessment. Hundreds of businesses across all sectors trust Staymobile with Staymobile's enterprise solutions.
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