Solutions for Your Device Deployment Needs

Device Deployment.

The challenges associated with the deployment of hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of devices are significant. Staymobile offers a set of solutions designed to extend your capabilities in timely, effective, and affordable ways.


  • Remove device from shipment packaging
  • Remove accessories from packaging
  • Dispose of excess packaging in green-friendly ways

First Boot

  • Plug in and Power-on the device
  • Power cycle the device
  • Manage dead on arrival (DOA)

Software Install, Configure, Enroll

For Microsoft devices:

  • Imaging – Client IT department’s preconfigured system, software configuration to be imaged

For Chrome / Google devices

  • Enroll device in the client’s management console

Asset Tagging

  • Apply adhesive asset tag to device per customer spec
  • Marry asset tag and serial number

Case installation

  • Remove case from packaging
  • Snap case onto device
  • Dispose of case packaging in green-friendly ways


  • Devices are repackaged in multi-device slot boxes
  • Delivered to client via UPS, FedEx, or trucking company

Last Mile

  • Staymobile accepts device delivery on-site(s)
  • Repackages
  • Devices are set up per client specifications

Get in Touch.

Please note: Staymobile provides services and solutions for businesses and educational institutions. For consumers in need of protection and repair services for their personal devices, we recommend that you explore one of the many local or national providers of consumer-oriented services.

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