Our Credo

Our first responsibility is to the users of the devices that we support and service. Those students, healthcare workers, public sector workers, and businesspeople of all types depend on their mobile devices to keep them connected in ways necessary for learning, teaching, working, and, in some cases, the saving of lives. The processes by which we complete these important tasks must be of the highest quality, urgency, and attention to detail.

We are responsible to our team of hard-working technicians, relationship managers, sales force, and shared service resources. We will simultaneously welcome and embrace our diversity while rejecting all forms of racism, sexism, agism, and any and all prejudices that would otherwise tamper with the equality and dignity that all people rightly deserve. We choose to embrace a ‘ONE TEAM’ approach that underscores the value and validity of each and every person and their role in our business and the many ways it affects others.

We are responsible to our strategic partners, OEMs, and resellers in ways that support their brands, goals, and customers. We must remain vigilant and aware that we frequently represent them and their relationships with their customers, teams, and partners.

And finally, we are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the people that make up those communities. We will always strive to be good fellow citizens, remaining mindful of our impact on others as well as the environment and natural resources that we collectively share, ultimately seeking to do good in ways large and small.