Staymobile and the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 Paradigm

Every business in the US has been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Staymobile is no exception. The information on this page will be constantly updated as the situation evolves.

Our Response to the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the ways in which we all do business, and Staymobile is no exception. One thing is certain: Our core mission of keeping laptops, phones, and tablets protected, functioning properly, and in the hands our students, businesspeople, and healthcare professionals has never been more important. It’s for this reason you will see our company doing everything in its power to provide the protection, repair, and deployment services you need in order to be successful under these challenging new circumstances.

Staymobile Responds

Staymobile continues to update its device handling protocols in accordance with the latest local, state, and federal guidelines. These extra precautions include device handling, quarantining, and disinfection that meet with CDC recommendations in order to protect our team, our partners, and the end-users. As we continue to replenish these supplies we are donating a portion to hospitals and healthcare providers in the communities in which we operate.

Best Practice Resources for Your Benefit

Throughout this crisis, Staymobile will stay abreast of device handling best practices and provide you with access to that information below. We encourage you to review these procedures and share them with your staff, students, and parents in order to maximize their safety during these times.

Get in Touch.

Please note: Staymobile provides services and solutions for businesses and educational institutions. For consumers in need of protection and repair services for their personal devices, we recommend that you explore one of the many local or national providers of consumer-oriented services.

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