What You’ll Learn

As you read about how the right protective case can reduce breakage rates for Chromebooks, you’ll learn:

  • Since they’re such affordable devices, Chromebooks are popular choices as remote learning devices and in similar applications.
  • Unexpected damage can dramatically increase the cost of managing a fleet of Chromebooks.
  • Simply finding the best case for your Chromebook can dramatically reduce the risk of damage, and therefore the cost of maintaining a device fleet.

How Do I Stop My Chromebook From Breaking?

Chromebooks are ideal for remote learning and just about any other situation where an organization needs simple, affordable laptops. These computers are easy to use in class or at home, but accidents happen. To prevent Chromebooks from breaking, it’s important to protect them when they’re in use as well as while they’re being transported to and from the classroom. 

Does a Chromebook Need a Protective Case?

One of the biggest problems with providing Chromebooks for remote learning is that accidents happen. This is especially true when computers are in possession of young or inexperienced technology users such as students. To help minimize the consequences of accidents, protect your Chromebooks with cases that are appropriate for the intended use of the devices.

How to Select the Best Case for a Chromebook

The right case should protect the screen as well as every other component of the computer. The best Chromebook cases protect against accidental drops, spills, and other incidents. Here are four tips you can use to get the best cases for your Chromebooks.

1 – Choose a Case That Was Made to Fit the Chromebook

Choosing a  case for a Chromebook is somewhat like choosing a helmet to protect your head in that it can only be the most effective when the fight is appropriate. Look for form-fitting cases that will stay on even in the event of an accidental drop since that’s exactly when the case is most needed. When the case aligns with and clings to the edges of the Chromebook, it creates a snug fit that protects the device without making it excessively difficult to use. Some cases have to be removed while the computer is in use, while others are designed to stay on at all times.

2 – Consider How the Computer Will Be Transported

Spills can happen at any time, but most damage caused by drops occurs while the computer is being transported. Look for a case that will provide some extra cushion during transportation. Also, consider how easy it is to put the Chromebook away and get it out. Some users may require especially easy cases, while more experienced technologists might be equipped to handle more sophisticated cases. In any event, the case should be able to withstand jostling and even small drops.

3 – Choose Cases Made From Good Materials

A case is a relatively inexpensive add-on that protects a much more expensive piece of equipment. In other words, choosing a cheap case might cost you more money in the long run if it can’t do its job effectively. For this reason, it’s important to select a case that can stand up against cracks, chips, and other types of wear. Some students might be a bit rougher with their technology than older users, but the right case will be able to absorb impacts and spare the computer itself from taking the brunt of the damage.

A good case will offer features like the following:

  • Slip-resistant technology to help the computer stay in place while in use
  • Air vents to prevent excessive heat buildup
  • Slim and lightweight design to maximize convenience for the user
  • Reinforced corners for additional protection
  • Translucent finish so asset tags are visible with the case on

4 – Add Other Support Options

Even after selecting the best case for your Chromebooks, it’s nice to have a plan B in place. While the case itself can help eliminate some downtime caused by damage, it will still become necessary to repair some damage or replace devices at some point. Whether it’s a battery replacement, a cracked screen repair, or something else entirely, have a service plan in place. This gives the organization and all of its end users access to quick solutions to all of the problems that inevitably arise.

Remote Learning Solutions From Staymobile

Here at Staymobile, we pride ourselves on being a top solution for remote learning technology like Chromebooks. Our team is experienced with all aspects of deploying, protecting, and repairing Chromebooks and similar devices. When you talk to one of our education experts, they’ll be happy to work with you to find cases that fit your needs and budget. Contact us to learn more.