What You’ll Learn

As you read about the benefits of remote work, you’ll learn:

  • Many business leaders choose to keep their workforce fully remote because they find that it simultaneously produces benefits for employees and improves their bottom line.
  • While there were many advantages to leaving the office in the past, new challenges do arise and demand attention.
  • For many companies, schools, and government organizations, it’s more efficient and economical to partner with a third party to source and maintain the mobile devices nevessary for remote work.

What Are the Advantages of Remote Working?

For many employees, the benefits of working remotely typically include improving both performance and mood. These effects are largely due to the following qualities:

  • Increased freedom. Many employees appreciate feeling like they have more control over their time, providing the opportunity to take more ownership of their accountability.
  • Flexibility. When schedules are more flexible, employees can plan their days in ways that match their productivity preferences. Some might still contain their entire workday within normal office hours, while others might take longer breaks during the day and continue to work into evening.
  • Environment. Employees can choose their work environments. Whether it’s the comfort of home, the quiet of a library, or the bustle of a coffee shop, each employee gets more choices regarding their preferred setting.
  • Commuting. Traveling to and from the office becomes an option, not a requirement. That extra time can then be applied to both work and personal tasks. Those who enjoy the routine can enjoy more family time, tackling errands, or a stroll instead.

How Do Companies Benefit From a Remote Working Environment?

What’s good for the employee is good for the bottom line (in this case, at least). Once organizations adapt to remote work appropriately, business leaders should observe all of the following:

  • When employee satisfaction improves, so does employee retention.
  • The price is right. Some organizations were able to avoid large portions of their administrative costs by reducing or eliminating office space. Beyond the space, there are additional cost savings when it comes to coffee, lunch, parking, food, and similar perks. Thoughtful leaders might plan appreciation events and reinvest some of those savings into technology, clothing, or beverage allowances to double down on employee morale. 
  • Productivity often rises. Many telecommuters have demonstrated the ability to self-motivate and work efficiently. They may take more breaks or longer breaks, but they’re also likely to devote more time to work over the course of the day.
  • The talent pool becomes an ocean. To commute into a school, business, or government office, every staff member must live in the same geographic area. That means either finding local talent, moving the business to a bigger city, or convincing new employees to relocate. The option of working remotely makes it possible to pursue and accept applicants from almost anywhere in the world.

How to Support Your Remote Workforce in 2021 and Beyond

Despite all of the benefits of remote workforces, some challenges may prevent companies from realizing the necessary gains. Organizations that can’t provide effective management and support may have a hard time maintaining order and productivity. As security, communication, and connectivity take new shapes, employees need access to different tools. Deploying and maintaining the appropriate mobile devices allows each employee to function as efficiently as possible as they adjust to remote workflows. Staymobile can help businesses of all shapes and sizes realize their potential for increasing morale, productivity, and efficiency through maintaining a remote workforce.

Why Outsource Your Mobile Device Protection and Support?

The benefits of outsourcing mobile device proection and support aligns well with the unique requirements of a remote workforce. Since the biggest risks are device downtime and the internal IT requirements to combat it, it’s important to have excellent control and accountability when it comes to deplying, maintaining and repairing those devices. Your iPads, phones, and Chromebooks are more likely to be dependable when you turn to a trusted partner like Staymobile and the services and solution necessary to support your most important device management needs, including:

  • Unboxing, preparing, and tagging devices appropriately before delivering them to employees. At Staymobile, we manage the deployment of your fleet much more effectively than almost any internal team.
  • Reducing device dowtime, including proective cases, battery and AC replacement, and OEM warranty service extension.
  • Keep devices performing optimally with annual tune-ups. Staymobile’s 32-point inspection process will return your devices to the original manufacturer’s specifications.
  • When devices have reached the end of their lifecycle, Staymobile offers smooth, simple buyback programs, as well as recycling, and retirement processes.

Trusted Partners for Device Deployment, Protection, and Service

Schools, businesses, and government organizations rely heavily on mobile technology for almost every business goal. Here at Staymobile, our team of experts understands your challenges and what you need to succeed. Our solutions have been designed to support every stage of the device lifecycle. To discuss making your fleet of devices the best asset it can be – while relieving your staff of the burden of device management – get in touch with us today.

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